Winner of this year's Dorothy Parker "Curiousity" prize announced

Congrats to Karen Hesse from Dryfin Publications in Dublin, who was the person curious enough to "claim her prize". Her Reward? A 1928 first edition of Sunset Gun, a collection of Dorothy Parker's poems. For those who missed out on the prize, a little consolation is to the left, one of Ms Parker's Poems from said publication. For those lucky enough to have met me in the flesh...... the last line is for you!

Oh, when I flung my heart away,
The year was at its fall,
I saw my dear, the other day,
Beside a flowering wall:
And this was all I had to say:
"I thought that he was tall!"
I'm climbing Kilimanjaro for Oxfam Ireland!
Yes you heard me right. Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain in the world all 20,000 feet, thats two thirds the height of Mount Everest! A permanent ice cap, altitude sickness, blisters, weekends spent trudging through the Mournes! But it will all be worth it and its a fantastic cause. To learn more, download our little leaflet here or visit To sponsor me, just email me. Actually I'd love it for someone to email me with the title "I want to sponsor you" .... go on, you know you want to.
A pattern is emerging
Promises promises... you craved the pictures, bombarded me to see the photos... ok, so One person emailed, well here you are, the long awaited "Working very hard around a big table " photos. From e-learning for business consultants, here we all are but which is London & which is Hungary?? Answers to the usual address. Click here to see the photos

The Kick-off meeting has been set for at the start of March in London. Well here it is… the picture I promised… and aren’t we a hard working bunch! is flying up the charts! Only launched two months ago, but already we’re averaging almost twenty visitors per day, thats 600 per month! (click here for web stats)

Vera Gaffney
Vera Gaffney an artist I do some work for & who’s painting I love, just called to say the Office of Public works just bought two of her paintings for the national collection! Well done Vera.