Previous Work

Employment Alliance
employment The Employment Alliance project aims to empower young unemployed or underemployed graduates to become entrepreneurs and high value employees in a short period after leaving university.

Innovation Alliance
innovation The Innovation Alliance project aims to break down barriers to the effective transfer and implementation of innovation between Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). To do so, we will build synergistic relationships between key stakeholders in the field of higher education and small enterprise to create a new culture of collaboration in innovation support.

Nourish EU
nourish The Nourish eu is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership that will develop educational tools to assist the stimulation of Healthy & Creative Food Regions in UK/Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ireland.

Value of Failure
Value of Failure Value of Failure seeks to kickstart the development of a comprehensive and integrated international approach to second chance entrepreneurs by constructing tailormade training and support for them and mainstreaming it across relevant stakeholders at regional level.

Learn Engage Create

The Learn Engage Create project aims to support Creative Companies to achieve their potential and become high growth SMEs. LEC does this by connecting people by fostering cooperation between education and the creative sector and stimulating innovation as a result. The projects outcomes will be delivered via a dynamic website and multimedia DVD and will include:

  • User friendly, visual, interactive roadmaps to accessing innovation and research
  • Classroom training course designed for use by business support providers
  • Self-guided e-learning materials for SME owner managers and senior employees

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C-TEST aims to contribute to the knowledge of employees and vocational education students to secure sustainable growth of companies. The project educates former students, the employees of today, on new topics as clean technologies and sustainability. On the other hand, it trains current students, the future employees, on how to use this knowledge in practice in their future working careers.

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Pathways for Graduates (
pathways is an EU Leonardo da Vinci funded project which will increase the integration of young graduates into the labour market by producing a multilingual, multicultural training course which will allow them to acquire the employment competences and transferable work skills.

Foundations for Work
letmebeme The aim of Foundations for Work is to increase the basic competences of young immigrants so they may improve their job prospects and benefit from mainstream training in their host country. To do so, our objectives include producing and disseminating a needs analysis and best practice training report for this group; generating a multimedia DVD and resource pack for VET teachers.


Innovative Trainer Project

econ The Innovative Trainer Programme (ITP) which has been funded with support from the European Commission will increase the capacity of Business Trainers and Mentors (BTMs) to support SMEs throughout Europe by developing a “Train the Trainer” blended learning training resource on non-technological innovation. Find out more by visiting the projects website.

Global Peacebuilders
globalpeacebuilders This project will bring organisations from across the globe to Belfast to learn about conflict resolution.
I’ll be doing a lot of their web work and advising on event management.

econ I’ve a lot of experience of the EU Leonardo da Vinci programme and this project will help develop training materials for business advisors in six EU member states. Our challenge is to develop a training tool that they’ll really use. Trust me, more difficult than it sounds!

Let Me Be Me (
letmebeme Let me be Me is an EU Leonardo da Vinci funded project which aims to provide a research-based training toolkit on tackling the workplace bullying of Adults with Learning Disabilities or Difficulties (ALD/D) for employers, trainers and support staff.
The training toolkit will include background information on the problem, its nature and the extent in Europe, current projects, initiatives and approaches to tackling workplace bullying, best practice Europe-wide as well as practical guidance and resources for trainers working with the target groups.

Recipe for Success (


CICEI is a transnational, EU-funded project which aims to help managers and staff in eggs packing processing and marketing businesses maximise both their career and business potential. The project is funded by European commission through the Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation Programme, and brings together eight organisations with experience and expertise in both all aspects of the egg sector and in training and education, to develop learning materials that can be used across the EU Member States.

tourism One of the most enjoyable and rewarding projects I’ve worked on in years. Myself and Jamie trained 30 tourism businesses on how to improve their website ascetics and functionality and on search engine marketing. In fact it was that good, we wrote a book about it; “The handy little guide to e-tourism” You can download it here for free!

The Busy Fool
busyfool A training course for the creative industries sector, run under the SOURCE initiative . I trained 40 creative industry businesses in areas including; Tendering, Marketing Plan Development, and Financial Management and of course on how to avoid becoming…. The Busy Fool!

You need SUPORT (
suport No not a typo! SUPORT is a FREE learning resource helping small businesses to understand and access University expertise, and helping University research staff to access and understand small businesses…. SUPORT (SME University Partnership – Online Resource and Training) is an interactive online guide to help small businesses gain access to knowledge and research in Universities. It is a European Union ERASMUS funded initiative, established to design and pilot a web-based information/training resource specifically for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and for Higher Education Institutes (HEIs).

Better Advice, Better Business!
better business

VETBA will enable Business Advisers to update their skills and adapt their services to changing business beneficiary groups and sectors. Advisers will be better placed to provide guidance to SME's, and ultimately, improve the performance and growth of the companies they work with.

The project will increase the contribution of Business Advisers as change agents who facilitate the uptake of innovation and growth within their SME clients, and therefore, within the overall EU economy.
The training aims to teach the knowledge necessary for Business Advisors, and improve their performance as mentors and business advisors, and is funded under the UU Leonardo da Vinci programme

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